DurestaFor over 70 years Duresta has been making high quality upholstery in Long Eaton, a Nottinghamshire town in England. A town renowned for the skill of its people in all aspects of furniture making, from the traditional joinery of frame makers through to all kinds of fabric cutting and sewing expertise and, of course, an unrivalled understanding of upholstery. You will find that their furniture making combines these skills with the best materials available to produce long lasting sumptuously comfortable upholstery.

Duresta understands that seating plays an important part in establishing the character of the room they are set in. Although their designs naturally respond to changing tastes, at the heart of each lies Classic English Style, which throughout the world, is generally considered to have a flavour of understatement, subtlety and fine proportion.

For many years Duresta has held a unique licence which enables them to study closely the myriad design details and original pieces of furniture found in the collections of The National Trust.

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